Award Winning. No Preservatives, Salt or MSG added. 100% Pure Natural Food Powders. Proudly Made in Singapore SFA Licensed Factory. MUIS Halal Certified.

Suitable for health loving adults & babies 6 months and above.

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  • Made in Singapore SFA Licensed Factory & Lab Testing

    Produced in our very own SFA Licensed Food Factory, with highest hygiene and safety standards in mind. Shelf Life & Nutritional Information Panel tested by a Singapore Accreditation Council Laboratory.

  • Why Lilo?

    Lilo’s Award Winning range of Natural Food Powders is specially created to help
    families and individuals to cook up a healthy and nutritious meal without MSG,
    Salt or Preservatives.

  • Quality & Source Matters

    Freshness from quality ingredients delivers the best flavor and nutrition. Our foods are made locally with premium ingredients to ensure the best for your loved ones.

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